Film, Art, Culture Exchange and Collaboration

Muslim communities have rich cultural diversity yet bounded by common values and the code. With Grand historic Islamic civilization encompassing several centuries and vast areas of the world, Muslim communities have lot to share with the world.

FACEN is a concerted & integrated effort to showcase the richness in cultural diversity, history and wisdom of Muslim communities around the world through Film, Art and Cultural content. 


This effort will not only bring the Muslim communities, artists, intelligentsia closer but also create understanding and appreciation in the world for grand Muslim heritage and contemporary Muslim issues.


In pursuit of our goals we are networking and creating alliances with professionals and organizations for collaboration and exchange.


FACEN is a focused international platform of dedicated and passionate professionals working in pursuance of following objectives:


1. To facilitate Cultural, Art and Film content which highlights Mutual shared history and heroes in order to strengthen ties between Muslim Communities

2. To address Contemporary issues facing Muslim Communities through contemporary film and cultural events

3. To support, sponsor, connect and showcase diversity and talent of Muslim Youth in Art, Culture and Films.

4. To network and create alliances with organizations, professionals, and visionaries to the pursuance of objectives

Under FACEN we will creating further specialize platforms for focus approach in a particular area of FACEN.


Project Reconnect focuses in the area of nation building inspirational Films which reconnects us with our lost wisdom and heritage. 


ReBridges is an interactive platform for wisdom and knowledge exchange. 



FACEN is honored to have following distinguished personalities as patrons.

Andleeb Abbas

Consultant, Trainer, Politician

Rizwan Mumtaz Ali

Writer, Media Strategist, Creative Consultant

Dr. Saliha Uysal

Islamic Psychology, Transhumanism, Transpersonal Psychology & Islamophobia studies

Rawan Damen

Media Practitioner, Filmmaker, Trainer

Muhannad Abu Ghazaleh

Financial Consultant

Ahmad Qarawi

Media Professional, Film Producer

Samir Belfatmi

Journalist, Sports Presenter, Mentor

Dr. Recep Şehitoğlu

International Education Ambassador

Muhammad Uveys Han

Multiculturalism, Islamic Political theory

Waseem Khan

Business, Entrepreneur

Mansoor Khan

Diplomat, Researcher, Academic

Working Group

Majid Rafiq

Founder & Executive Director (Pakistan)

Turgay Evren

Director (Türkiye)

Bara Abu Diab

Director (Jordon)