Film, Art, Culture Exchange and Collaboration


This Platform will play a conducive role in development of film, art and cultural content in all its formats. Following are some of Themes we have identified for development of meaningful film content. As we network more areas may be added to the theme section.

1. Lost Islamic Civilization

Highlight glorious eras of Muslim states when these were center for art, science and culture. People from around the world will travel to these great cities to become enlightened. Using Characters like Ibne-Batuta we shall showcase this era and divulge ‘Muslim Wisdom’ using character like Rumi and Ghazali.


+ Islamic Civilization Celebration: Celebration of Islamic civilization festival (displaying enclosure of different golden eras of Islamic civilization combined with food, music and art display). A festival that tours around major Muslim cities.


+ Heroes

Research and identifying known and not so known character from history which help change the course of humanity. 

The characters will be displayed though a compelling storyline with full landscape depiction. The characters will be sorted from recent history of Pakistan, Pakistan Movement and across Muslim world throughout the 1400 year time line.


+ Events and Incidents

> That have shaped our communities and build historical ties

> Specific campaigns and movements in our history

> Pakistan Movement to highlight the importance of ‘Idea of Pakistan’

> Khilafat Movement: Indian Muslims involvement with Turk/Ottomons

> Sanusi Movement


2.   Prophet Muhammad


Life of Prophet Muhammad  have been source of inspiration and commitment for Muslims through the Islamic time line.  We believe we must invest in projecting the person of Prophet Muhammad  to our next generation, to West and world at large.

We envision an integrated international Campaign on Celebration of Life of Prophet Muhammad Using the full spectrum of Film, Art and Cultural products.

3. Sports tournaments

We envision international sports events based on our collective heritage of the region. One such activity we are pursuing is a ‘Pehelwan Sports tournament’. An international sport tournament between, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, CAS, Afghanistan.

4. Culture Events

We will actively be initiating different cultural activities to reinvigorate the sense of our lost civilization. Among them but not limited to, will be


  • Music and vocal performances
  • Food and theater
  • Exhibitions and Seminars.
  • Literary Festival showcasing literature from across Muslim communities