Film, Art, Culture Exchange and Collaboration


Rebirth Nation Building Film Festival was held in July 2021 under Project Reconnect. 

FACEN held a Turk Pak Photo Exhibition on Oct 28, 2021 on the occasion of Republic day of Turkey.

Turk-Pak Photo Exhibition was on display at University of Management and Technology on Nov 10-11.

Turk-Pak Photo Exhibition was displayed in University of Central Punjab on Nov 15-16. Dr. Nassar Ikram Pro-Rector inaugurated the exhibition in UCP.

FACEN Executive Director Majid Rafiq presented Turk-Pak Photo Exhibition “1000 Years Connect” booklet to his excellency Mustafa Yurdakul, Turkish Ambassador in Islamabad. Wasim Ali Khan, a member board of Patrons, was also present at the occasion.

Produced in collaboration with Project Reconnect. An international collaboration with artists from Pakistan, Turkey and US.

Under Project Reconnect, Reconnect Film Awards 2022 were held on 15th August 2022. Over 40 universities participated. It was first of its kind film festival in Pakistan

This short film connects 3 points in history for a message lost in the sands of time. 

Adhan, a Universal call for Muslims to assemble for prayers. At any given time an adhan is been called somewhere in the world.

FACEN collaborated with Nazaria Pakistan Trust to hold Turk-Pak Photo Exhibition 2022 to coincide with 99th Republic Day of Turkiye. The Event was held on Oct 27th, 2022. 

ReBridges partnered with CIGA and Istanbul Zaim University to bring first ever interaction of former Prime minister Imran Khan with Turkish and global Muslim Intelligentsia.  

Reconnect Film Awards is going international. Showcasing work of young filmmakers from the Muslim world and Beyond. Details soon..

ReBridges collaborated with School of Media & Communication Studies at the University of Management and Technology, and held an International Academic debate on “Intellectual Integrity and Journalism” on Jan 24th, 2023. 

ReBridges is producing a TV show of the same name in which we are conversing with Muslim intelligentsia about current issues facing the Muslim world. Mr. Rizwan Mumtaz Ali is the host of the program.