Film, Art, Culture Exchange and Collaboration


Film, Art, Culture Exchange and Collaboration

Film, Sanat, Kültür Alış Verişi ve İşbirliği

التبادل والتعاون في مجال الأفلام والفن والثقافة

 تعاون و تبادلہ برائے فلم، فن، ثقافت

FACEN is a concerted & integrated effort to showcase the richness in cultural diversity, history and wisdom of Muslim communities around the world through Film, Art and Cultural content. 


This effort will not only bring the Muslim communities, artists, intelligentsia closer but also create understanding and appreciation in the world for grand Muslim heritage and contemporary Muslim issues.


In pursuit of our goals we are networking and creating alliances with professionals and organizations for collaboration and exchange.


FACEN Network

Coming Together for Inspired Film Content.

Realize your Legacy, Redefine your Destiney

Interactive wisdom and knowledge exchange