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The Vision & Inspiration of Imran Khan


1.            “Nothing happens unless Allah wills”

2.            “Only Allah controls the time of death”

3.            “Why Muslims love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” UNGA speech

4.            When I meet my Creator

5.            What is the meaning of “There is no god but Allah” (La ilaha il lalah ka matlab)

6.            La ilaha illalahu sets you free

7.            “Allah will test us”: Vote of Confidence Speech Part 1

8.            IK on death. Interview 60 Min



9.            “Philosophy behind “Iqbal ka Shaheen”

10.          On taking new challenges: “Never give up”

11.          Stress Management through Namaz


Azadi & Self Esteem

12.          “Nation’s self-esteem leads to recognition in the world

13.          “May aap ko azad karney aya hoon”

14.          “Hum ney kisi agne jukna nahee hay

15.          “May Chata hoon key mera naujawan apni quam key liye kara ho

16.          Historic Speech at UNGA

17.          “Absolutely Not”

18.          Message to USA: “We can be partners in peace, not in war”


Riyasat-e-Medina & Seerah

19.          “Following Sunnah will transform us into great nation”

20.          “Amr bil Maruf wa Nahee un Munkir”

21.          “Why Nations are destroyed

22.          Scholars in the Golden Period of Islam

23.          Learning from the life of Prophet (Pbuh): Rabiulawal Event Part 1

24.          Learning from the life of Prophet (Pbuh): Rabiulawal Event Part 2

25.          Learning from the life of Prophet (Pbuh): Rabiulawal Event Part 3

26.          Learning from the life of Prophet (Pbuh): Rabiulawal Event Part 4

27.          Humanity First: Lesson of Riyasat-e-Medina


Kashmir, Falestin, Muslim World

28.          “We can never betray Kashmir

29.          “We stand with Kashmir

30.          “Kashmir say kaya Rishta: La ilaha illalah

31.          Falestin: Palestine

32.          IK on Turkey Pak Relations

33.          Putin views on Erdogan.

34.          OIC foreign minister meeting: Islamophobia, Palestine, Kashmir

35.          Islamophobia: OIC ambassadors meeting

36.          IESCO speech part 1 May 27



37.          Vision of the State: Win speech Election 2018

38.           “Pakistan ka matlab kaya”.

39.          “My Army, My country

40.          “Pakistan aik bara khawab

41.          Nazria Pakistan

42.          Pakistan Welfare State

43.          “We need to raise our moral standards”: Vote of Confidence Part 3

44.          “High moral standards make country successful”: Vote of Confidence 2

45.          Mera Iman: “Pakistan azeem mulk bane ga

46.          “Humay kis taran ka Pakistan Chaheyae. Allah nay logon kay dil meri taraf more diya”



47.          “Helping Refugees our responsibility

48.          Event that changed IK life

49.          “I can never forget that scene”: Heartbreaking story from Baluchistan

50.          “People remember those who work for others



51.          Why studying Seerat is important: One syllabus

52.          Objective of One syllabus: Uniform education system

53.          Draw back of English medium: One syllabus objectives

54.          Importance of Scholars and history

55.          Spiritual Science: Objective of Al-Qadir University



56.          On the environment: World Environment Day

57.          Environment Targets 2030: World Environment Day

58.          Greed vs Humanity: World Environment Day

Nothing Happens unless Allah Wills